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Cycling Adventure in Gdańsk 

If you are already tired of tourist chaos in the city center, we recommend discovering the natural beauty of our city. The network of bicycle paths is very extensive in Gdańsk and you can easily get to more remote districts that will certainly delight you with their local cultural and historical offer.

If you want to completely escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should go to discover the Tri-City Landscape Park. This green and fairly virgin forest surround the entire Tri-City agglomeration. Its beautiful paths, which are very well marked, are great for forest cycling escapades away from the crowded center of Gdansk.



How to prepare? 

The Tri-City Landscape Park is an interesting place to ride a bike and spend the whole day in Gdansk on active leisure, but you must remember that this is not the easiest area to ride on two wheels. Those who prefer an easy ride should definitely stay closer to the sea and stick to paved bike paths.
A bike that will be suitable for a no-MTB forest or a minimum of trekking. You will need thicker tires and a few derailleurs because the hills can be quite steep. Remember that this area is full of moraine hills and deep gorges. We will not miss muddy crossings and pushing the bike, but is that not the point when riding a bike in nature 🙂



What routes?

There are really many cycling routes in the Tri-City Landscape Park. You can spend the whole day riding a bike and admiring the beautiful nature. When you get tired, you can always go to the city and feel the advantages of civilization again.
The surface of bicycle routes in the park is mainly forest paths and roads. Some of them are paved with gravel but in some places, we will also be surprised with asphalt. However, as I said, thicker tires are the minimum requirements for your bike.


Helpful links.

Below are some links that will help you arrange your perfect bicycle trip in Gdansk in search of nature.


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