Fundacja Aktywni Lokalnie

Who we are?

The Active Local Foundation is an initiative supporting the promotion of healthy and active recreation. Our mission is to implement the global trend of sustainable and conscious tourism in the local area of ​​operation in many areas related to the Pomeranian region.

Our activities include training, organization of tourist events as well as the production of films promoting the sightseeing values ​​of the Pomeranian region and other areas in Poland.

The Active Locally Foundation, through the Gdańsk By Bike initiative, promotes alternative sightseeing of Gdańsk from the level of a bicycle. Organized bicycle tours around Gdańsk allow the city to be charming in an ecological and conscious way.

How the foundation works?

The Foundation pursues its goals as part of free and paid public benefit activities, including by: 1. initiating, supporting, promoting and implementing activities aimed at promoting a healthy style life and nutrition, physical activity for children and adults, recreational activities and promotion of culture and art. 2. organizing educational / social campaigns, trainings, conferences, fairs, panels discussions, courses, rallies and other meetings for the protection and promotion of healthy style life and nutrition, physical activity for children and adults, recreational activities and promotion of culture and art. 3. making films related to the statutory objectives. 4. cooperation with universities, scientific societies, all institutions educational institutions, governmental, non-governmental, local government, business and other entities, and the media in order to support projects related to the development and popularization of the Foundation's goals. 5. organizing events aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, physical activity, and promoting art and culture 6. presentations, public appearances, happenings, press conferences, fairs, picnics, workshops, trainings and scientific seminars on healthy lifestyle, culture and art. 7. running a cafe / restaurant with menu suggestions in accordance with the principles of healthy eating, ecological, vegetarian and vegan. 8. catering activities. 9. sale of products and services 10. conducting physical activities for children and adults. 11. conducting relaxation classes. 12. activities for the protection of the environment. 13. conducting trainings and workshops promoting human development and a healthy lifestyle 14. educational activity within the meaning of Article 170 para. 1 of the Act of December 14, 2016 - Law educational 15. cultural activity within the meaning of Article 1 par. 1 of the Act of October 25, 1991, O organizing and conducting cultural activities 16. supporting activities for tolerance and integration with the environment of people with disabilities. 17. physical and mental activation of seniors along with the implementation of modern solutions technological. 18. supporting the social economy.


The statute of the Locally Active Foundation